Efficient, Accurate and Automated Data Collection Service for Workday Time Tracking

CirrusDCS (Data Collection Software) is a cost-effective time clock solution specifically built and integrated with Workday’s Time Tracking, managed and hosted in the Cloud. CirrusDCS automates and validates employees time & attendance punch data to and from workforce terminals and Workday Time Tracking.

Retrieving hundreds of thousands of punches per day

The CirrusDCS solution is comprised of two integrated systems: a cloud-based middleware solution, and time clocks that communicate with the middleware to receive employee data and send punch data as transacted by end-user employees. The middleware operates to establish and maintain reliable communication with the time clocks, and coordinate the flow of data to the Workday Time Tracking instance via the defined API.

Our first-generation product, the ZKDCS, currently supports over one thousand sites, retrieving hundreds of thousands of punches per day, and assuring correct payroll processing with minimal managerial interaction. The CirrusDCS is a next-generation extension with the following innovative improvements gained through close relationships with partners and feedback from their teams.

Updated Architecture

Continuing improvements include architectural efficiencies allowing greater server utilization, rapid horizontal scaling for immediate system deployment support, and enhanced communication via the Workday API.

New User Interface

Clean, clear visualization of system status, including time clock connections, direct and detailed employee reporting, and overall employee grouping and locations.

Enhanced Enterprise Security

Full end-to-end data encryption, advanced dual factor tracking of administrator authentication, and monitoring and auditing of all CirrusDCS operations meet strict security requirements.


Monitor notifications, activity histograms, and advanced functionality of all connected time clocks within the new User Interface dashboard, which simplifies at-a-glance CirrusDCS administrator updating.


Use the new dashboard for observing new employee data from Workday, punch summaries, clock status and utilization, and the clock grouping configuration.Notification and Alert.

Notification and Alert Module

Receive verbose, timely email alerts from CirrusDCS related to time clock connection status, movement of data from time clocks to Workday, and status of employee loading reports.

The goal for our CirrusDCS Time Clock solution is simple – to provide a quick return on investment and the lowest operating cost for our Workday Time Tracking customers.