Plan Carefully
Facilitate Change
Adopt Best Practices

From Training through Testing and Go Live, ZKTeco is with you Every Step of The Way.

ZKTeco’s Streamlined Implementation Process gives confidence that a defined, efficient workflow is in place that will guarantee a successful deployment outcome. We work closely with your implementation teams to create new CirrusDCS for Workday Time Tracking integrations, or expand existing installations. We help define and automate new processes, and then train IT, HR and payroll administrators to understand and attain self-service use of the system. Whether the Time and Attendance Time Clock feature requirements are straightforward or complex, we have the experience, proven methodologies, and technological infrastructure to help prepare requirements, evaluate ongoing progress, and manage internal changes.

Our seven-step process includes the following:


Blueprint Workshop

This first critical step is analysis – we gather requirements.  We work with you to determine the optimal implementation process, determine overall data flow, and understand any unique functionality required for your employees. The outcome -- an approved detailed design specification allowing our teams to design, deploy, and go-live with 100% confidence that identified goals will be met.


CirrusDCS Feature Design/Customization

We start with the feature rich capabilities built into the ZW-series time clocks, and review the requirements gathered in the Blueprint Workshop.  New functionality (if required) is added, documented, and tested for full end-to-end performance with Workday Time Tracking.


System Installation/Deployment

If customizations are required, once they are completed and tested at ZKTeco we collaborate to determine how to coordinate with your internal test team for access to on-site resources for evaluation, additional testing, functionality review, and approval.


Training/Knowledge Transfer

We work with your team to identify optimal timing for training on the CirrusDCS solution: how to use the CirrusDCS administrative features to access the At-A-Glance dashboard, how to use the advanced features of the system to review performance and manage time clocks, and the feature functionality and operation of the time clocks themselves.



We work with your implementation team to support established test methods or processes, and assist with additional documentation, direct technical support, and problem resolution.



When signoff is received, we assist in transition from the test environment to production.  We remain available immediately afterward for ongoing support as live data is first collected, to make sure the accurate, reliable flow of end user data is established to Workday Time Tracking.



After the system has been deployed successfully, ZKTeco’s technical team provides ongoing assistance in resolving issues as they arise. Service identified as being outside the scope of direct CirrusDCS technical issue resolution will be quoted for approval, prior to providing it to your team.

If you are evaluating Time Clock solutions for Workday Time Tracking, please reach out to one of our dedicated Workday experts to schedule a demo. Over 500 workforce management software companies like Workday put their businesses’ reputations on the line each day by partnering with ZKTeco. Work with us and experience the ZKTeco difference.